Are you a grassroots activist, innovator, student, donor, ally organization, or just a curious citizen that would like to help? Become a part of Demotech!

If there is one thing clear it is that collective action is required to convert  ideas and innovations into viable tools that raising livelyhood, addressing social needs and conserving the environment. Especially among knowledge-rich but economically poor individuals and communities,

Unless we build on the resources in which poor people have a rich live, the development process will not be dignified, and a mutually respectful and learning culture will not be reinforced in society and lead to an inclusive future for all.

At the same time, our community has to realize that, even with access to the best pool of resources and networks, accelerating grassroots innovation is not a guaranteed smooth-sailing journey. The simple answer is: it is tough - and needs to be done togheter.

Join us, and become engaged in our efforts to support a sustainable change! Help us grow the movement by filling in the form below with some relavant details, and together we'll find you an inspiring task together. 


Demotech has a long term history of collaboration with students. Fresh minds with innovative ideas can support an organization in a profound sense. This is why Demotech encourages students from different fields to file an application for an internship.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for students that are interested and enthusiastic about Demotech ideas and applications. We encourage strong and independent minds that have an idea about what is going on in their field and can contribute to the success of our organization respectively. At the same time we are looking for people that are team players, have a nice and open attitude and like to have a bit of fun.

What can we offer?
We can offer a great and intensive learning experience, a nice and innovative team, and a lot of room for own initiative and development. Depending on the internship it might be possible to be involved in projects with other NGO's.

Student Workforce

The Student Workforce Noticing the large interest of students in development work. Some students involved in Demotech decided to start a new student organisation in Maastricht, back in 2005. This organisation is called the Student Workforce and aims at providing the possibility for students to do research, undertake projects, and work on development applications on a professional basis. The Student Workforce is actively supported by Demotech and there is close coorperation between the two.