More Joy Per Person - Most strategies to reduce poverty or inflict less damage to the environment are not attractive to the haves and do not inspire the poor. What will make the haves reduce consumption to a sustainable level, what will discipline the poor towards a sustainable life style? There is only one answer: rich and poor have to find out that there is a better alternative that offers by far 'More Joy Per Person'!

It is easy to check what brought most joy into your life: to attain property or to attain friendly interaction. The last is the winner. This is a universal experience and of all times. How to assure 'More Joy Per Person in one's life is done by not accepting a conflict between what it asks to take care for one self and for those that depend on you and the type of work that results in joy. For this, work has to be re-desingned to be meaningful, effective and satisfying.

Keep in mind: Environmental degradation, and rampant inequality characterize our times. The decline of our planet goes faster then any present development program can repair; few current programs have repaired anything at all. This failure will inevitably affect all of us. And the the faults in current solutions draw deep back into the cultural framework in which we live our lives. To regain free choice, current solutions need to be redesigned, applying current knowledge in fundamentally new ways. Redesign needs to be done by a mental force that is detached from existing structures or interests other than love for life: personally and world wide.


Let us strive towards More Joy Per Person