Individuals, groups, and organizations should be able to use their right to freedom of speech - even with limited means and a tight budget. That's where the DemoUnits come in! A DemoUnit is a clever tool to make your message visible high up above the heads of a crowd, for all to see and to read. Our modular exhibit system can be used free-standing, for the use on for example stands and fairs, but it is also light and sturdy enough to carry along, in for example a demonstration.

DemoUnits in actionThe DemoUnits emerged from a belief: those with limited means and budget should still be able to transmit their message to the public in an eye-catching and attractive way. We came up with an open-source construction that you can make yourself, in the shapes that you want, with only very little and relatively cheap material. When disassembled it takes little space and becomes easy to carry and take along on a bicycle or public transport. And you can make all this yourself, with only very little cost.