Care for Kid's cleaner hands
Welcome to get this project off the ground! Why do we do it?
That's because by now we can! We, at Demotech, designed a school kid's hand washer, we made it in Nairobi and we make and demonstrate it here in the Netherlands.
Imagine the waste of life and happiness when children fall ill because of infections transmitted by dirty hands. While you know that it is not hard to organise improvements ....

This is what you can assist us with:
- adopt a school 'where there is no piped water', find one when you travel, connect to teachers or parents linked to such a school or get a link from Demotech,
- decide to overcome all misunderstanding that will arise, decide to stay in close contact with people at that school, decide to focus on this project only, even when other urgencies are brought to your attention.
- find out how the hand washer has to be made by the local wood worker, learn from Demotech how to give instructions, even learn and practice how to do it yourself.
- find out about the immense importance of washing hands to counter school absenteeism, serious illness, too often causing death. Motivate yourself to motivate others!
- find out that you always can rely on Demotech to make a success of your adoption of that particular school!

Start all this by sharing your plans in a mail to
Together we will make it happen!

Pass below message on to good people:

Infections caused by dirty hands
kill thousands of young kids each day!

Let's counter this and provide means
for a clean and easy washing hands
where there is no piped water

Volunteer with Demotech Design in Maastricht
Take a Tag, learn how you can facilitate
Washing hands at schools at home

Find video's and the project history of the hand washer Hy2U

- at YouTube channel 'Demotech Design' the playlist Hy2U

- at Demotech's main website these links:

- the Hy2U for washing hands (main page)

- the Hy2U Story