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Demotech is all about Democracy supporting Technology. Re-design is our job. Re-designing concepts, tools, methods, and ideas to make them accessible and affordable to everybody in the world. By re-designing the way we live, Demotech works to improve our lives with techniques and tricks aimed at a single overarching goal: "More Joy Per person!"

Working with students and professionals, with people in poor and rich countries, Demotech combines theoretical research and practical applications to uncover a new technology, guided by inclusive values. We ask you, dear reader, to take the time to read this website and add your own critical thinking to our ongoing action.


Innovation has a central role in not only the competitive advantages of nations, but also the livelihood of its citizens. And as such innovation has become a cornerstone of our existence. However, despite the progress achieved in a wide varyaty of field, there are many people who can not only bennifit the progress it brings. The conventional view on innovation puts them in a marginal role in the current knowledge economy, which has been neglected in academic debate and policies for science, technology and innovation. We pledge to focus on those societies or communities where poverty, overexploitation of resources, and/or environmental degradation prevails.

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how a designer can contribute to reduction of poverty, and to design for sustainable products and production.
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The quality of a design is proven only by its widespread use. The challenges Demotech faces are unsurmountable without support from many different parties. Our ideas, approaches and designs depend on participation from all disciplines. Everybody is invited to contribute to achieving this quality.

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