The RopePump, as designed by Demotech, is applied for the first time in Burkina Faso - as far back as 1976. Basic engineering needs to be replaced by smarter design details. Considerable improvements should be achieved by halving the cost for materials and time for construction, by doubling the speed of the pump rope to result in a sharp increase of efficiency and by improving the ease of maintenance, especially in regard to the guidance of the rope. This improved RopePump should be promoted with clear manuals and videos where users discuss performance and construction.

The design for the RopePump aims at the use of PVC or PE pipe of about 25 mm external diameter for applications, lifting water from 10 to 50 meters. The drive wheel will use rubber rope grips, but not necessarily be made from a full circle car tire. The drive crank will preferably have bearings on both ends of the crank, different from the usual setup. The pump rope will have guidance in the pump pipe for the upward as well as for the downward movement. The disks or knots will fit loosely and without any precision in the pump pipe. No special tools will be needed to assemble or disassemble the RopePump. All parts of the pump, other than plastic pipe and rope, can be made with a knife and/or cutlass.
A project will be set up for effectively informing future users and development field workers about all relevant details