We currently focus on workshops, in which we teach people, often kids, that being smart with water is important, and can solve the many problems. This is not only the case for big scale tree nursing and corporations, but for the small-scale gardener as well.

These people understand that tubes and valves for dripping cost the money that is not there. That’s the reason the TreeDripper project designed no-cost tubes and no-cost valves and we offer to teach them how to make that. Even in the only 30 minutes that we have.

We invite them to come back another time for the full TreeDripper-picture. But after this workshop, they KNOW they can do it themselves: drip irrigation for small-scale gardening and large-scale tree planting in areas of deep poverty.

Since we currently focus on workshops we don't have a web-ready manual yet. If you want to make a treedripper, get in touch with us.